Pre-Wedding Session in London

What is a pre-wedding photo session look like? Pre wedding session isn't a normal photo walk. This session can last from a 3 hours to a full day! Some people think that there is no difference between engagement session and pre-wedding session. In general, pre-wedding session is more formal than engagement session. Normally couples choose casual clothes for engagement sessions, while for pre-wedding sessions they more focus on the wedding attire. Pre-wedding session will take place several weeks before the wedding day. There is no doubts that pre-wedding session is a great way to capture some beautiful portraits of bride and groom. These images can be used during reception on the wedding day and after printed together with wedding photographs.

There is no secret that most couples like planning there pre-wedding session abroad. London is one of the most popular destinations for this kind of sessions.

Here is one of last pre-wedding sessions in London.